I started fly fishing in 1992. I was 13 years old back then and I went to fly tying course which was instructed by Veli Autti. Next summer after that I went to a river and hooked my first grayling with a dry fly. That small fish pointed my way to fly fishing. Now 27 years later I´m married, I have two wonderfull kids and awesome wife. And then there is fly fishing abd friends. Fly fishing has a big and positive role in my life. It gives a feeling of freedom and a lot of good friends. The best therapy there is.


What comes to rod building and Fiberglass blanks...Year 2011 I found Epic fly rod blanks and decided, that I will start building to those blanks. Next year my first Epic blanks arrived from New Zealand and so my glass path had begun...Couple of years later I discovered Bluehalos blanks. After that moment I build mostly for Bluehalo´s blanks untill I got my HDT blanks. 


Besides building Halos  I had been designing my own blanks for some years. It was a long journey to make it become reality from designing and testing several blanks and wanting to do different kind of blanks than others have. When I was planning these blanks I had other fiberglass rods in my mind. I wanted to do shorter, lighter and faster blanks. In April 2019 I was ready to launch. Now I have my HDT fast action S-fiberglass blanks with translucent colors and spiral painted finishing. In such a sort time HDT blanks are highly rated by many rod builders and fly fishers worldwide.


My personal goal as a rod builder is to improve my work every time when building a new rod. I am aiming to build only hand crafted master pieces. For me fly fishing is an endless journey and so is rod building. I have chosen both and for that reason I fish and I build and I repeat.